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Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey…Stuff

How valuable time is to us may be gauged by the fact that the Enemy allows us so little of it. The majority of the human race dies in infancy; of the survivors, a good many die in youth. It is obvious that to Him human birth is important chiefly as the qualification for human death, and death solely as the gate to that other kind of life. We are allowed to work only on a selected minority of the race, for what humans call a ‘normal life’ is the exception. Apparently He wants some—but only a very few—of the human animals with which He is peopling Heaven to have had the experience of resisting us through and earthly life of sixty or seventy years.

The Skrewtape Letters, C.S. Lewis.

Rebolg if you’re grateful for being part of that small minority —for being the exceptions— who get the chance to fight it out in the war of their life; to have that experience when so many others don’t. It’s pretty inspiring when you think of it like that, isn’t it?

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